The Industry Standard: Vocollect Voice Solutions

Vocollect Voice Solutions are the industry's leading end-to-end voice-enabling solutions, specifically designed to excel in challenging industrial-warehouse environments. Your Vocollect Voice Solution is precisely tailored to your specific business needs, and supports numerous worker configurations from motorised pallet walkies to high-reach fork trucks.

Vocollect Voice Solutions leverage our market-leading Vocollect Voice Software Suite, ensuring that it is the ideal solution for enabling voice in a multitude of critical workflows and tasks. From the extreme conditions of freezer installations to high-moisture coolers and other demanding environments, each Vocollect solution is optimized to provide you with the industry's lowest total operating cost.

Vocollect Voice Solutions include the industry's leading Vocollect Voice speech-recognition technology, specifically designed and optimised for the challenging industrial warehouse environment.

The new flagship Vocollect Talkman A700 Solution represents over 25 years of gathering extensive industry domain expertise and Vocollect’s ability to combine our purpose-built, best-in-class workflow process components to help you create a voice solution that meets your unique business needs, while maximising your existing IT investment.

Overall management of your Vocollect solution is achieved through Vocollect VoiceConsole, which provides device management, operator management, configuration management, and system diagnostics, all through an intuitive browser-based view – making it easy for you to provide your team members what they need, when they need it.

Vocollect’s end-to-end, voice-optimised solution is a clear differentiation from other solution providers. We have learned that an optimal business solution consists of modular components that are precisely tailored to work together, producing t results greater than the sum of those individual parts.

Optimising this total solution to specifically address your particular business needs requires an extraordinary level of domain knowledge, and years of actual implementation experience across a variety of industries and operating environments. And it is just that depth and breadth of experience that Vocollect uses to create its industry-leading voice solutions.

Not Just a Solution: A Partnership, Optimised for Your Needs

Vocollect Voice Solutions aren't just effective and intuitive post-implementation – our easy-to-integrate solutions minimize common implementation issues that would otherwise reduce operating efficiencies and decrease overall worker acceptance. Your Vocollect Voice Solution will be designed to maximize the total value you obtain from your investment at every phase of the solution lifecycle.

With Vocollect or one of our certified partners, your particular process requirements and business needs are what drive the specific configuration of your technology and of your Vocollect Voice Solution. We provide products to fit your exacting task workflows, and we only offer solutions that will provide a quantifiable value-add – all with the goal of optimising your voice-enabled workflows and tasks.

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