Maintaining a lean supply chain is an imperative in today's automotive industry. The ability to be responsive and agile are key criteria’s for business success; availability of product just in time and just in sequence is a key driver and therefore process time needs to be quick and reliable to provide value within the chain for the OEMs and the end customers.

Within the process change times and TAKT times need to be optimised to provide the product or after market spares to the right locations on time, while at the same time allowing production runs to be smoothed where possible to optimise cost when building an order. This balance represents the constant challenge to the automotive sector.

In order to offer the ability to be fast and agile the importance of process design is a key factor  in order to maintain service levels. Manufacturers and Assemblers have a clear strategic mission to maintain, to enable the cost-effective support of the final customer and after-market dealers network.

Vocollect Voice is the most comprehensive solution that can assist in addressing the issues the automotive industry faces. No matter what your perspective is in the supply chain, Vocollect can provide solutions you need to improve your business processes and change times. 

A Selection of Vocollect Automotive Customers


Maximise Order Fulfillment Quality 

Vocollect Voice users consistently report quality levels in excess of 99.99%.

Improve Worker Productivity   

Vocollect Voice helps workers become more productive by removing wasteful motions required in an RF environment.

Operate a New Technology within a Union Environment 

Our implementation professionals work with you and utilise tools within the Vocollect Voice portfolio to create reasonable and fair performance standards for voice users.  We also provide expert coaching based on over 20 years of best practices across thousands of implementations to optimally plan for your deployment ramp-up.

Protect Your Investment 

Vocollect customers typically report achieving a full payback from their voice investment in nine to 12 months.  Some achieve ROI as quickly as six months.

"The pick rate for each employee has increased dramatically, since they no longer use paper packing slips, and both of their hands are ready to pick each item when necessary.  Our order pickers no longer worry about losing their place since the Vocollect system tracks their progress on each order in real time, while maintaining 100 percent accuracy."

“With the implementation of Vocollect, we have achieved our goal to increase productivity by 25% - while improving quality service to our customers."

"Voice is a great solution for us. There's no doubt about it -- or the improvements that Talkman has delivered."