Life sciences distribution leaders, whether pharmaceuticals or pharmacy distribution companies, rely on Vocollect to help them improve order quality, speed, and worker productivity within the constraints of strict compliance regulations.  Vocollect is the only voice industry company worldwide to have achieved official validation from a leading global pharmaceutical manufacturer, an effort that led to the customer company’s being listed in the CIO 100, an annual awards recognition program for technology achievements, as a result of its success with Vocollect Voice.

A Selection of Vocollect Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences Customers



Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Vocollect helps you achieve cost-effective and reliable compliance with lot track and trace regulations. Voice supports compliance for ePedigree compliance requirements and the need to support lot/batch/country of origin tracking on all line items. You also maybe required to support the FDA Bioterrorism Act requirements (21CFR 1.327(b)) .

Maximising Order Accuracy
In an industry where one pill can cost hundreds of euros, order accuracy is critical.  Vocollect customers often achieve order accuracy in excess of 99.99%. Order accuracy improvements have a positive impact on mitigating legal risk within the business.

Reduce Operation and Labour Costs
We make your workers more productive than they can be through alternative picking methods – and Vocollect Voice requires a significantly lower investment to implement than lights, carousels or A-Frame solutions.  Our management software provides key visibility into individual worker productivity and inventory.

Serve a Diverse Customer Base with Varying Requirements and Specifications
With Vocollect, you can standardise your operations on one picking methodology to fulfil all orders – regardless of order composition – thus simplifying your operations management and reducing overall cost.

Achieve Correct Data Capture
Vocollect will help your workers capture expiry date and lot/batch code information accurately and efficiently, regardless of whether it is from printed or bar-coded material.

Ensure System Reliability 

Vocollect Voice is the only voice system to have achieved full product validation by one leading global pharmaceutical, an award-winning implementation.

Protecting Your Investment  

Vocollect customers typically report achieving a full payback from their voice investment in nine to 12 months.  Some achieve ROI as quickly as six months.

“Accuracy is up to 99.9%.  It is impossible to pick the wrong item.”

“Before Vocollect, we had errors even after a verification bar code scan. In a week’s time, we would have thousands of dollars of customer reported errors. Errors in picking pharmaceuticals are very expensive, running anywhere from a dollar or two up to $10,000, and the profit margin for a distribution center like ours is razor thin. It doesn’t take too many $10,000 bottles lost to eat up your profits. Now with Voice-Directed Distribution, we’ve reached a whole new level of accuracy and accountability. In the last month, for example, we had only one case that got on the wrong truck, and that’s out of 7,000 cases a day. You can’t beat that."

'We achieved 100% payback on Vocollect almost immediately. Since we operate under mandated pedigree laws, we would not have been able to get our products out within the required two-hour ordering time; previously, we struggled to validate our lots in the required timeframes."