Convenience and Department stores provide a wide proliferation of product mix; size characteristics create challenges for both order accuracy and handling control. Together with this seasonal demands and an intense market place competition create pressure on the supply chain. The ability to meet these needs for agility while managing labour costs creates a challenge.

Leading convenience store chains come to Vocollect for help with order accuracy and productivity.  Because there are limited days of supply to individual stores, not getting correct orders can lose many sales from impulse buyers. Order accuracy is even more important for more costly store goods like cigarettes and alcohol. Also, since convenience store DCs need to fulfil so many store orders on a timely basis, achieving faster picking helps overall ROI for the voice investment.

A Selection of Vocollect Retail Store Customers


Maximising Order Accuracy

In an industry where the mix of an order is linked to size/colour/SKU the ability to generate an error is high and the risk needs to be minimised. Vocollect customers often achieve order accuracy in excess of 99.99%.

Reduce Operation and Labour Costs

We make your workers more productive than they can be through alternative picking methods – and Vocollect Voice requires a significantly lower investment to implement than lights, carousels or A-Frame solutions.  Our management software provides key visibility into individual worker productivity and inventory.

Serve a Diverse Customer Base with Varying Requirements and Specifications

With Vocollect, you can standardise your operations on one picking methodology to fulfill all orders – regardless of order composition – thus simplifying your operations management and reducing overall cost.

Achieve Correct Data Capture

Vocollect will help your workers capture bar-coded data effectively. The ability to link the product to barcode and product description recall provides an opportunity to build in accuracy. Count back functionality allows the picker to correctly count multiple items of stock with similar characteristics. Assets can be tracked for totes and cages to ensure they are correctly allocated with an order and controlled.

Improved Supply Chain Agility

Task management optimisation allows the supply chain to react quickly to resolve inventory issues for recalls or to adjust the order well for items being dispatched. This allows problems to be minimised quicker within the chain. Growth and scalability can be quickly supported by voice with new workers quickly trained and productive.

Protect Your Investment

Vocollect customers typically report achieving a full payback from their voice investment in nine to 12 months. Some achieve ROI as quickly as six months.

"Voice gives us the opportunity to easily add other distribution applications, including receiving, put-away and replenishment."

"Our productivity with the labels was averaging about 195 cases per hour, per selector. With voice, our current run rate is around 250 cases per hour, per selector."

"We're moving products more efficiently now, and we're improving our inventory turns. Those are solid results for us - and our bottom line."