Vocollect VoiceLink and VoiceDirect Brochure

Unleashing Higher Business Performance Through Voice

In 2000, Vocollect set the standard for the supply chain industry, delivering the first direct, real-time WMS voice interface, VoiceDirect. Today Vocollect Voice remains the global performance standard, providing the direct voice application interface that is supported by all of the leading WMS providers worldwide. In another first, Vocollect responded to the needs of IT and operations in companies and our global network of business partners by delivering VoiceLink.

It’s All About Flexibility and Choice: VoiceLink and VoiceDirect

Vocollect Voice opens a dynamic dialog between your DC teams and your WMS, ERP or inventory management system so you can attain the speed and responsiveness your customers demand. We offer two distinct options to support your needs: VoiceLink and VoiceDirect.

VoiceLink: Supports near real-time processing via web-based middleware. This choice is for companies currently without IT resources or which are considering, or in the process of, upgrading their WMS and looking to utilize a real-time interface.**

VoiceDirect: Supports real-time processing directly with your WMS or host system. This choice is for companies that require immediate transaction information at the host level.


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