Talkman devices are designed specifically for voice and optimised for the worker experience. Only Vocollect offers mobile computing devices - used in both wearable and vehicle-mounted solutions - purpose-built for voice-recognition in challenging warehouse environments. 

Talkman A700 Solution

Vocollect’s Talkman A730 device contains an integrated short-range scanner, which enables workers to use both voice direction and scanning to fully optimise a process in an ergonomic, wearable form factor that eliminates workers from having to deal with a luggable device. It is small and easy to remove from its holster for occasional scanning. A worker can even scan hands-free by speaking a voice command to activate the scanner; for example, when moving boxes with labels past the scan target whilst the A730 rests on the worker’s belt.

Designed to deliver consistent performance and ease of use in the most challenging environments, the imager is equipped with a red scanning line and highly visible pointer to facilitate successful scans in darkness or full sunlight. Its corner framers make image capture and multi-code reading intuitive and comfortable. Transitioning to the A730 is easy for employees: the Talkman is simple to learn and use.

The Talkman A730 seamlessly integrates the market leading Intermec EA30 imager into the device. This provides a 2D imager that is 50 times more motion tolerant than standard 2D imagers, and doesn’t require bar code alignment to read. This results in simple and accurate hands-free scanning without concern about label orientation for your voice-enabled workforce.


Talkman A500 Solution

Vocollect's Talkman A500 is a seventh generation Talkman solution designed for the harsh industrial distribution environment. The Talkman A500 is a fully extensible voice-centric mobile solution that provides the ultimate in worker flexibility. Each worker can be seamlessly outfitted with the technology needed to complete tasks quickly and accurately. 

The Talkman A500 supports RF scanning and external displays, so you can determine the best technology solution for each worker. The Talkman A500 is optimised for the mobile worker and provides the lowest total cost of ownership for voice-enabled solutions, making it an excellent long-term solution when voice-enabling your various warehouse tasks and workflows.


Vehicle Mount Talkman (VMT) Solution

Vocollect's Vehicle Mount Talkman (VMT) Solution improves productivity and accuracy by voice-enabling motorized vehicles in distribution centers. With the VMT solution, you can achieve a fully voice-enabled warehouse. The VMT Solution is directly powered by the vehicle battery, through a line conditioner and battery adapter, which eliminates the need for nightly battery charging and extra batteries. The vibration dampening RAM-Mount cradle and brackets are designed for the Talkman A500. 

The VMT Solution also improves worker's safety by allowing them to keep their hands and eyes free while receiving work instructions and the form factor does not block the worker's view as do other vehicle mount technology options. In addition, the worker has the freedom of movement within 30 feet (10M) of the vehicle when using the wireless Vocollect SRX2 headset.