Benefits of Voice-Enabling Your Warehouse

When a prospect asks, 'Why Vocollect', the answer is simple - Vocollect Solutions will help you run a better business.   We do this by optimising your business systems through smart, innovative technology solutions, by providing expanded information access and operating performance insights that will help you further improve your decision-making capability, and through creating a premier worker experience through ergonomically-optimised solutions that enrich the work environment.

The Vocollect team lives and breathes warehouse and distribution center operations. Our team – including our partners and our supply chain / logistics experts – has extensive industry experience that enables us to readily understand the potential areas for process improvements. Consequently, our solution recommendation is based on your precise business requirements..

"It Just Works Better" – Why the Voice-Enabled Warehouse Out-performs All Others

You will realise numerous benefits when you implement a Vocollect Voice Solution. These benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • Vocollect has multiple enterprise connector options to enable seamless integration with your existing data systems.
  • Vocollect Solutions are based on proven best practices and voice-enabled task workflows to maximize your overall investment potential, and to optimize your reengineered business processes.
  • Vocollect Voice has the most flexible and modular approach to optimizing voice technology for use with RF scanning, handheld computers, external displays, RFID, and other technologies used for developing your supply chain infrastructure.
  • Vocollect offers a software platform that voice-enables a wide range of industry-leading mobile and wearable devices.

Cost Savings from Start to Finish

Vocollect will reduce your operating costs in numerous areas – especially in the ability to decrease your capital investment in multiple technologies. With voice, mobile computers with displays and keyboards can be reduced or even eliminated. 

Streamline Your Workforce Management

Vocollect understandsthat in today's environment, operations managers must keep their distribution operations running smoothly with flat or reduced operating budgets, while still maintaining an effective and stable workforce. They must also be able to track worker performance in order to make objective personnel decisions. 

Vocollect can streamline your labour management costs in many ways, including:

  • Reducing onboarding training time: Training time for Vocollect Voice is typically a few hours, compared to several days for other technologies such as RF scanning, handhelds, and paper-based methods.
  • Increasing worker satisfaction: Workers are motivated by the ease of using Vocollect Voice. Businesses that use Vocollect typically see a reduction in worker turnover. Workers find voice easy to learn, and satisfying to use because it enables them to be more productive. 
  • Enabling a distribution center to be WMS-directed versus worker-directed. Vocollect Voice prompts set the pace and routing for the worker, reducing idle time and maximising the efficiency of each trip and every activity.
  • Integrating with your WMS to track productivity as well as accuracy for each worker with Vocollect VoiceConsole. VoiceConsole has a comprehensive, statistical data-management reporting capability to track and report worker progress.
  • Enabling smaller distribution centres to schedule personnel to perform multiple tasks on the same shift. For example, a worker can be scheduled to perform picking/selection at the start of the shift, and then replenishment on the second half of the shift. Tasks can also be interleaved throughout the day.
  • Reducing safety issues – with a Vocollect Voice Solution, forklift and pallet-jack drivers can keep their eyes forward and their hands on the steering wheel instead of being distracted by displays and keyboards.