Vocollect's voice-recognition headsets are purpose-built by Vocollect for voice-enabling applications. Vocollect understands how to maximise the "headset experience", which is all too often the weak link in a would-be voice solution.

We offer wireless or connected options to support the unique needs of freezer environments, high-noise environments, hard-hat workers, and lightweight uses.

Headset styles include versions worn behind the head or over top of the head. SR series headsets provide investment protection with ruggedness and repairability assurance, while the SL-14 headset provides unique comfort and a highly approachable appearance.

With multiple options, you will find an optimised headset choice available to meet your specific requirements.

SRX2 Wireless Headset

The SRX2 wireless headset from Vocollect sets an entirely new standard for how workers work in the warehouse or distribution centre. The SRX2 wireless headset greatly enhances the worker experience by providing the most comfortable and ergonomic wireless headset option available for the warehouse or distribution centre worker. When combined with Vocollect’s ground-breaking SoundSense voice recognition technology, the SRX2 wireless headset offers unmatched accuracy. 

The innovative, shareable component design enables shared use of electronics across multiple shifts, reducing both the up-front cost and the ongoing cost of ownership. The Advanced Speech Recognition Protocol ensures zero loss of speech data.

SR-20/SR-21 Headset

The Vocollect SR-20 / SR-21 headset is a lightweight headset that is perfect for general warehouse use. 

SL-14 Headset

The Vocollect SL-14 headset applies our experience lightest headphones in a single earpiece, and is available in both right and left side.