Vocollect VoiceClient Brochure

How Will Your Team Use Voice?

With today’s DC teams more mobile than ever, you need to equip your team members with mobile devices that best fit the jobs they’re doing, their individual work styles, and your IT infrastructure.

Vocollect Voice is the choice for powering hands-free work for businesses with mobile employees. Vocollect Voice runs on a broad set of industry-leading, voice-capable mobile devices. And Vocollect is continually performing speech recognition and system performance testing to identify additional devices to support.You can choose the mix of devices that best fits your operation.With Vocollect Voice, you will run one set of applications, one voice-system management console, and one interface to your host system. The result? A consistent voice-enabled work experience for all your team members, a single IT and software infrastructure to deploy and maintain and Vocollect Voice productivity throughout your operation.

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